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I'm OPEN for commissions!
I'll take up suggestions till then due to school and upcoming exams.
You can check out my price list below.
BUT the prices are not legit as of right now because I'm going to change them when commission time comes.

Sorry for the inconvenience!
Thank you and have a wonderful day!

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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
My name is Nad aka ShadowKnightSociety.

I love funny comics, funny drawings... ANYTHING HILARIOUS.
I am a digital artist and I do some voice acting at VAA.
I'm working hard to draw better and make others laugh~!


Brawl Stamp by morgan-lamiaHetalia dub love stamp by Madninja2500:thumb209335640:PARTY HARD stamp by those-silly-demonsOuran Highschool Host Club Stamp by DogFreak108Beelzenef Stamp by DaydreamingCowMARVEL Steve and Tony Stamp by TwilightProwlerLoki by CapsiclesMARVEL Hulk + Loki Stamp by TwilightProwlerPichu Stamp by Fire-Dragon15ChaoticMonki Stamp by HowlingKnightLeviathan Stamp by greendragon22Behemoth Stamp by greendragon22Wood Elf Stamp by CrimsonArkNowaki Stamp by AlchemyOtaku17Ronald Knox Stamp by khrazahHanatarou Stamp by simple-and-clean12Otomen stamp by fluffieballVampire Kisses vs. Twilight by DunGwenLoverStamp: Love Commenters by Flame-of-the-PhoenixBlue stamp by B33BSweet tooth by prosaixProud to be Pinoy by madcoffeeTeam Peeta Stamp by TeamPeetaFlashing Kiba Inuzuka Stamp by FANGIE-CHANProud To Be Asian Stamp by Crystal-Artistteh akuma yoru STAMP by breezieowoJesse Cox Stamp by TheYUOWriting Stamp by WetWithRainMy Characters STAMP by NocturnalMelody9OC - Soul Stamp by Alphares:thumb211708992:Stamp: Characters are children by JammerleeCute Shigure Stamp by Fyi-Susgure stamp by ShyCustisSupport Cute Things Stamp by ProudPastryI like trains by ARTic-WeatherThe Quenchiest Stamp by CubieJRavenclaw Stamp by smileystampsGokudera Stamp by Xinaliia by KHRclubKimi ni Todoke Stamp by AdryJustendDifferent Stamp by DeviantDualityBuuuuuuummmpppsss by DASHley37:thumb285727460:Mr. Toko - stamp by BiilaStamp - I Love to VA by caatTWD Big Stamp by angelbebop8
Got tagged by :iconnyantawn: for this meme. Check out her art! She has pretty cool drawings!
Okay, let us begin!

OC Character Meme

Thanks for doing this! Anything to say before we get started?
I have a lot of OCs, but if possible I'll be using mainly my OCs from Imagine That!, which consists of Lucas, Jex, Zach, Iris, and Deran since I have more stuff on them then the others.

Let’s start off with a basic question… Do you have any favorite character/s?  
Well, I like all my OCs, even the ones I've made in my smallest projects. But so far, my favorites are Lucas, Jex, and Zach, Naomi, who is my first OC, and some characters I recently made for a kids story I'm working on.

Which one/ones of your characters is naturally beautiful? 
Zach is probably the most naturally good looking since it runs through his family. Iris would be second in natural beauty and is also fittest of the group.

In contrast, which one/ones of your characters have to make themselves beautiful?
Well, Jex, Lucas, and Deran don't use makeup or anything. They just go as they are. Although, Lucas, is very insecure with his looks, especially since he has dark circles around his eyes due to his insomnia.

Ah, how wonderful... But which one of your characters is most desired by others?
Zach > . > He is a pretty boy, but doesn't really care.

Does anyone hold a candle to them?
Iris is desired by the crown ever since she ran away to join the rebels ( a completely different kind of desire XD). Jex though wants to be popular like Zach amongst girls, which will most likely never happen.

Screw fairest! Who is the smartest of them all? 
Jex is the most brainiest of the bunch and especially enjoys physics.

Uh dur... Who's not the sharpest tool in the shed?
Out of the three friends, Zach has the most average intelligence, but is horrible at math. He depends on Jex as his tutor.

Who's read the most?
Lucas is the biggest bookworm, but reads only fiction books. His love for books has inspired him to become a writer.

Who’s the most active?
Iris is fighting with the rebels, so she must keep fit to fight and not get killed. Zach is also very active and is in the school's cross country and track team.

Can anyone sing?
None of these guys can sing, but I bet Deran sings when he's by himself.

What about instruments?
Jex plays the xylophone and other percussion instruments for band and also plays piano. 

I have couple questions~ Who do you think will be getting married?
Lucas and Iris???? Iris isn't real though since she's Lucas's book character. 

Any couples that don’t tie the knot?
I can't imagine Deran with anyone. 

Who will grow old and grey together?
Lucas, Jex, and Zach will be bros till the end, that's for sure.

Is there anyone that won’t grow old?
Iris and Deran are book characters, so they technically can't age.

How about kids? 
Well, I imagine Jex with 1-2 kids, Lucas with 2-3, and Zach with 4.

Enough with the family stuff! Any characters with disabilities? 
Lucas suffers from insomnia. I have a one OC with a missing arm, one's deaf, one's blind, and few suffer from mental problems.

One last question… what are the races of your characters?
UGH. Too many to count. 
WELL, for all the characters in Imagine That, including the many many others I have yet to introduce...
(This is super dorky estimate I calculated . _ . Don't judge me. )
White: 56%
Hispanic: 18%
Black: 5%
Asian: 6%
Middle Eastern: 1%
Mixed: 12%

As for all my OCs, I HAVE NO CLUE.
I just know it's very mixed.

AS FOR TAGGING, I will not tag anyone, but if ya want to do this go ahead.
I guess that's all! Byyye!
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